Cholula's prominence dates back over 2,000 years with archeological sites in the vicinity yielding links to the Teotihuacan and other local cultures. At the time of Cortes' arrival in Mexico, Cholula was a thriving economic and cultural center with over 100,000 inhabitants. The Cholultecas thought Cortes to be Quetzalcoatl and yielded easily to his demands. In spite of the easy conquest, Cortes' men destroyed the ceremonial temples and built churches in their place.

It is said, Cholula at one time had a church for every day of the year. The spires of these can be viewed as mounds from the top of the Cholula Pyramid, on which a church was also built. In actuality, there are close to forty churches in the area.


Campestre Los Sauces

Address Carretera Federal Mexico-Puebla Km 122 Tel+522-247-1011 Fax+522-247-1012

Villa Arqueológica Cholula

Address Zona Arqueológica Tel+522-247-1960 Fax+522-247-1508


Piramide de Cholula

Address Domicilio Conocido Tel

Comment An impressive pyramid topped by a Colonial church.


Las Americas Trailer Park

Address Apdo. Postal 49, Cholula, Puebla 0 Tel +522-247-0134 Fax

Comment Three acre walled site. Contains pool, lounge and laundry.


As Mexico's fourth largest city in population, Puebla has played an important historical and commercial role. An overwhelming loss by the French invaders in the Battle of Puebla celebrated on May 5, 1862 was a turning point in Napoleon III's presence in Mexico.

Colonial buildings are found throughout Puebla with a heavy concentration around the Zocalo or main square. The strong influence of the Catholic church dating to the time of Cortes is still felt around Puebla. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Church of La Compañía, the Church of Santo Domingo and others attest to this in today's Puebla.

Commercially, German Volkswagens have been manufactured in a plant in the outskirts of Puebla for over thirty-five years. This plant is one of two in the world where the famous Volkswagen beetle is still built.

Talavera - the colorful ceramic tile and other artifacts with strong moorish influence - is also manufactured in Puebla. A semi-soft candy made from sweet-potatoes, called "Camotes" and flavored with other fruit components is native to the area.


Best Western Real de Puebla

Address 5 Poniente # 2522 Tel+522-248-9600 Fax+522-248-9850

Comment Three kilometers from downtown Puebla in an industrial zone.

Camino Real Puebla

Address 7 Poniente # 105 Centro Historico Tel+522-232-8983 Fax+522-232-9251

Comment Located in the 16th Century Convent of the Conception in the heart of this Colonial City.

El Mesón del Angel

Address Av. Hnos. Serdan # 807 Tel+522-224-3000 Fax+522-224-2227

Fiesta Americana Puebla

Address Km 5 Autopista Atlixcayotl Tel+522-326-6900

Comment Southern part of the city in the La Vista Country Club.

Fiesta Inn Puebla

Address 31 Poniente # 3333 Tel+522-229-1000 Fax+522-229-1015

Fiesta Inn Puebla La Noria

Address Calle 21 Sur # 4510

Comment In the southern part of the city.


Fonda de Santa Clara

Address 3 Poniente # 307 Food Type Mexican - Puebla Regional Dress Business Casual Tel 42-2659

Comment One of the finest places in the city to try authentic food from the Puebla region - famous for moles, chiles en nogada and other traditional dishes.


Address Avenida 2 Oriente # 6 Food Type Traditional specialties Dress Casual Tel 42-3961

Comment Sanborn's - a food service tradition throughout Mexico for over 70 years.



Club Campestre de Puebla

Address Domicilio Conocido, Puebla Tel+522-228-4813

#of Holes18

Comment Puebla's most challenging course.

Club de Golf Las Fuentes

Address Carretera a Fabricas # 510, Puebla Tel+522-224-0777

#of Holes9

Comment Conveniently situated to the industrial section of Puebla.


Talavera Uriarte

Address Domicilio Conocido, Puebla

Comment One of the finest Talavera manufacturers with a branch shop in Mexico's Polanco district.

Spanish Courses

Centro Internacional de Cultura e Idioma

Address Puebla Tel+522-220-0491 Fax+522-220-1070

Comment Total immersion Spanish courses lasting from two to ten weeks.

Spanish Institute of Puebla

Address 15 Poniente # 504, Puebla Tel+522-240-8692 Fax+522-240-8692

Comment State of the art facilities conducive to learning Spanish at various levels in a student oriented approach. Close to the magnificent sights in downtown Puebla.


Local Sights

Amparo Museum

Address Calle 2 # 708 Tel

Comment Modern museum with latest technological audiovisual equipment housing artifacts of Pre-Columbian, Colonial and modern eras.

Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

Address Zocalo Tel

Comment Mexico's second largest Cathedral built between 1575 and 1649 - a classic example of the Barroque style of architecture, famous for its bas relief figures of some of Spain's most celebrated kings, its dome of tile and two domed steeples.

Convento de Santa Monica

Address Avenida 18 Pte # 103 Tel

Comment A clandestine convent for close to eighty years between 1857 and 1935 now housing an important collection of Religious Art. Guided tours available and recommended.

Jose Luis Bello Art Museum

Address Near Fort Loreto Tel

Comment Houses a fine collection of Oriental silks and other furnishings brought back to Puebla through trade expeditions during Colonial times.

Palafox Library

Address South of the Cathedral Tel

Comment Housed in the Archdiocese Palace, this library founded in 1646 by Don Juan Palafox, contains a magnificent collection of antique books.

Regional Museum

Address Casa del Alfeñique Tel

Comment XVIIth Century mansion's first floor serves as a regional archeological and historical museum. The second floor contains is furnished in a typical Colonial style.

Revolution Museum

Address Casa Aquiles Serdán Tel

Comment Many opinions have the Mexican Revolution of 1910 starting when the Serdán family was found murdered in this house. Now contains many artifacts of that period.

Rosary Chapel in Santo Domingo

Address Templo de Santo Domingo Tel

Comment Construction of the church started in 1611. The Rosary Chapel, completed in 1690, is one of the finest examples of Mexican Barroque style. The chapel is entirely covered in gold leaf, tiles and fine woodworks.

Santa Rosa Convent & Museum

Address Domicilio Conocido Tel

Comment Its authentic conventual kitchen is purportedly the birthplace of mole poblano - the traditional chicken dish with a complex chocolate based sauce. It now houses the Museum of Popular Arts.

Zocalo - Plaza de Armas

Address Main Square Tel

Comment Nucleus of the city of Puebla surrounded by Colonial buildings and Portales. Pleasant locale with flowers, ample trees and fountains.

Nearby Sights

Amecameca Village

Address About fifty miles west of Puebla.

Comment Amecameca serves as the gateway to the pass between Ixtaccihuatl and Popocatepetl - the impressive snow-capped volcanoes that form part of the mountain rim that circles the Valley of Mexico.

Cholula Pyramid

Address About ten kilometers west of Puebla

Comment Covering over fortysix acres, the Pyramid of Cholula is the largest one in the world. Its tiered construction evokes a higher form of spiritual energy.


Puebla Airport (PBC)

Aero California

Tel 800-237-6225

Comment La Paz based airline with extensive route system throughout Mexico. Gateways in US include Los Angeles and Tucson. In addition to non-stop service from Los Angeles to Loreto, Manzanillo, La Paz, and Los Cabos other destinations in Mexico with direct service from the US include Hermosillo, Tepic, Durango and Torreón.


Tel 800-237-6639

Comment Aeromexico's US-Mexico service originates in Los Angeles, New York, Tucson, San Diego and Miami. Through a code share agreement with Delta, Aeromexico's gateways include Dallas-Fort Worth and Atlanta. Cities in Mexico with direct Aeromexico service include Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Cancun, Leon and others. Twice weekly non-stop Los Angeles-Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo flights started on September 4, 1997.


Tel 800-531-7921

Comment Mexicana's gateways in the US include Los Angeles, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago, San Antonio, Newark and Miami. Seasonal cutbacks in Denver service will take effect on July 1, 1999. Canadian gateways include Montreal and Toronto. Latin American gateways include Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Bogota, Caracas, Guatemala, San Jose Costa Rica and Havana. Some routes are operated under code-share agreements with other airlines. Destinations in Mexico with direct service from the US include Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, Guadalajara, Morelia, Leon, Zacatecas, Cancun, Mazatlan and Los Cabos. Mexicana was the first international carrier to serve Los Angeles with service inaugurated in the 1930's.


Small town in southern part of Puebla state famous for its thermal waters and tranquil setting.


Aldea del Bazar

Address Lopez Mateos # 3351 Tel+522-382-2249 Fax+522-382-2550

Spa Peñafiel

Address Carretera Puebla-Tehuacan Km 20 Tel+522-382-0190 Fax+522-382-0191


Local Sights

Church of San Francisco

Address Tel

Museum of Archeology




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Hotel Crowne Plaza Av. Hnos Serdan 141 Col. Amor 245180 243599
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Hotel Condado Plaza Priv. 6 -B Sur 3103 Col. Zona Dorada 372733 373174
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Hotel del Portal Av. Don Juan de Palafox y Mendoza 305 Col. Centro 352786 352274
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Hotel Plaza las Fuentes Blvd. Hnos. Serdan 743 Col. Las Fuentes 245180-243599
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Hotel Terminal Bvld. Carmen Serdan 5101 Col. San Felipe 205834 205825
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Motel Bahia Courts 22 Norte 602 Col Remedios 353265
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Hotel Ritz 2 Norte 207 Col.: Centro 324457
Hotel Rivera 4 Poniente 2321 Col.: Tierra y Libertad 485720
Hotel Teresita 3 Poniente 309 Col.: Centro 327072
Hotel Venecia 4 Poniente 716 Col.: Centro 322469





Fiestas y Ferias. Mes de Septiembre

1 al 8 Septiembre San Pedro Cholula. Fiesta de la Virgen de los Remedios. Es la fiesta más importante que todas las que se hacen en Cholula. Es una festividad religiosa, civil y comercial. Hay una gran actividad desde la mañana hasta la noche. Grupos de concheros bailan danzas rituales y los peregrinos ofrecen presentes a la Virgen Por la tarde, el día 8 se hac la quema de los "panzones".
1 al 15 Septiembre Tehuacán. Feria popular.
5 al 19 Septiembre San Pedro Cholula (variable). Feria milenaria. Es una feria religiosa que se lleva a cabo en los portales, plaza de la Concordia y recinto ferial. Se realiza el trueque y hay expocisión artesanal.
6, 7 y 8 de Septiembre Tenampulco. Fiesta patronal en honor a la Natividad de la Virgen. Feria Anual. Hay celebraciones religiosas, procesiones, feria popular, bandas de música, fuegos artificiales, eventos deportivos, culturales, literarios, bailes populares, coronación de la reina, venta de comida típica,artesanía, juegos mecánicos, expocisión ganadera, carrera de caballos jaripeo, un desfile con carros alegóricos y se presentan danzas típicas.
8 de Septiembre Atlixco.Fiesta de la Natividad de la Virgen (conocida como la Divina Infantita)
Fiesta patronal en honor a la Natividad de María Santísima y Feria de la Cebada. Hay celebraciones religiosas, fuegos artificiales, música y se presentan danzas típicas.
Huehuetla. Fiesta de la Virgen de la Natividad. Se presentan danzas típicas.
Huehuetlán el Grande. Fiesta en honor a la Natividad de la Virgen. Hay celebraciones religiosas, procesiones y se presentan danzas típicas.
Zapotitlán de Méndez. Fiesta patronal en honor a la Natividad de la Virgen María. Hay celebraciones religiosas, juegos mecánicos, jaripeo y se presentan danzas típicas.
8 al 16 de Septiembre Huehuetla. Feria popular y comercial.
10 de Septiembre Honey. Fiesta de San Nicolás Tolentino. Se presentan danzas típicas.
San Nicolás Buenos Aires. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Nicolás Tolentino. Hay celebraciones religiosas, procesiones, feria popular, fuegos artificiales, bandas de música y se presentan danzas típicas.
13 de Septiembre Xochitlán de Vicente Suárez. Batalla de Chapultepec Evento Cívico-social.
15 y 16 de Septiembre Puebla. Aniversario de la Independencia. Se da el tradicional "Grito". Hay desfiles, música, fuegos artificiales y se presentan danzas típicas.
16 al 27 de Septiembre Nopalucan. Feria regional. Hay celebraciones religiosas, serenata con tríos a la Virgen de la Soledad, peregrinación, verbena popular, eventos culturales, concurso de tríos, fuegos artificiales y alfombras.
17 de Septiembre Tlatlauquitepec. Fiesta de la fundación del lugar. Hay verbena popular, desfile cívico-militar, carros alegóricos, bandas de música y se presentan danzas típicas.
20 de Septiembre Chignautla. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Mateo. Hay celebracioens religiosas, fuegos artificiales y se presentan danzas típicas.
21 de Septiembre Chichiquila. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Mateo. Hay celebraciones religiosas, baile popular, bandas de música, juegos mecánicos, fuegos artificiales, jaripeo y se presentan danzas típicas.
Juan C. Bonilla. Fiesta patronal. Hay celebraciones religiosas, fuegosa artificiales y se presentan danzas típicas.
Mixtla. Fiesta patronal .
29 de Septiembre Atlixco. Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel.
Axutla. Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel. Hay celebraciones religiosas, feria popular, música y se presentan danzas típicas.
Calpan. Fiesta de San Miguel Arcángel.
Cuetzalan del Progreso. Fiesta en honor a San Miguel Arcángel. Hay celebraciones religiosas y se presentan danzas típicas.
Chiautla. Fiesta del Barrio de San Miguel.
Eloxochitlán. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Miguel Arcángel.
Atlequizayan. Fiesta patronal en hono a San Miguel Arcángel. Hay celebraciones religiosas, feria popular, fuegos artificiales, música y se presentan danzas típicas.
San Andrés Cholula. Fiesta del Barrio de San Miguel Xochimihuacán.
San Miguel Ixitlán. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Miguel Arcángel. Empieza la Víspera. Hay celebraciones religiosas, procesiones, feria popular, fuegos arificiales, música y se presentan danzas típicas.
San Miguel Xoxtla. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Miguel Arcángel. Hay celebraciones religiosas.
Tehuitzingo. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Miguel Arcángel. Empieza la víspera. Hay celebraciones religiosas, feria popular, jaripeo, fuegos artificiales.
Tilapa. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Miguel Arcángel. Hay celebraciones religiosas y se presentan danzas típicas.
Tulcingo. Fiesta del Barrio de San Miguel.
30 de Septiembre San Jerónimo Xayacatlán. Fiesta patronal en honor a San Jerónimo. Empieza la víspera. Hay celebraciones religiosas, procesiones, feria popular, fuegos artificiales.