Interested in outsourcing your WEB Site AND ALL its applications, pages, hosting and on-going support - activeFX.NET provide sophisticated Interactive Internet TOTAL solutions starting at $40 (USD) per month. 

 Your Site will be tailored using a base of proven database applications to meet your EXACT needs and you will have the capability to change the content on-line thus maintaining 100% control of your WEB Site and how it interacts with your visitors - all this without any specialized employees!!.

Back office administration functions include product and client management, Email Marketing modules, Statistics, Management Reporting, Order tracking and follow up, a very powerful Shipping Module. File upload facilities allow you to send data and images to the server or download data base content to Excel for further analysis on your own equipment. 

Your site will include facilities to allow easy hierarchical browsing or complex direct searches of your product or service, a shopping basket, order processing and shipping, on-line survey (Q&A) generation, a News module and more.